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Kermit in Mumbai (part 2)

Location: Mumbai, India
Posted by on Jul 17, 2011    6 Comments    Kermit in Asia
There were so many things to see and explore in Mumbai that we were happy to have more time for some sightseeing, before we had to get ready for the wedding of our friend Arpit.

Together with Subodh we took the train…

…to the beach.

"Huh, where is all the water?" It was definitely low tide.

"These letters look strange! Subodh can you translate, please?"

Here I am looking at an outdoor laundry. Look at all the clothes!

And here I am in the middle of a street market.

It was quite crowded.

"Huh, what a mess!"

Then we went to a religious place…

…with thousands of pigeons. I have never seen that many.

All the streets were very busy…

…and I was often confused, because I was not able to read any of the signs.

I got a call that my clothes for the wedding were ready. We took a cab to pick them up.

"Look at me! How do do you like it, Markus?"

Subodhs wedding clothes looked nice as well.

We were ready to rock the party!

"Hurry up guys, the ceremony will start soon!"

"Taataaa lalalaaa…" I liked the Indian music a lot.

All the singing made me thirsty.

"Hooh, the drink was strong. Now I need a break."

There were tons of beautiful flowers.

And they smelled great.

For the actual wedding ceremony, we had to wear turbans.

We looked quite funny, didn’t we?

"Where’s the groom?"

"Ah, there he is. Markus take a pic!!"

Then it was time to get some yummy Indian food.

It was quite spicy and made me thirsty again.

Hehe, she liked my apparel too.

Here they are, the married couple and their families.

Before we went home, we had to take a pic of this statue.
The wedding was truly an amazing experience and we will never forget the ceremony, the nice people, the wonderful music, the great food – just everything. We wish the couple all the best!

Back at the hotel, my stomach started to grumble. Thank god I had enough money to get something that helps.

I heard that this stuff is supposed to help. (And it is yummy too. Hehe…)

"Kermit, no! You had enough!"

"Whaaaad doo yuu meaaaaan? I diiiidn’t have enuff!!"

Well, maybe I did have enough. It was time to get some sleep.

I felt much better the next morning, but unfortunately, it was time to fly back home.

"Goodbye Mumbai!"

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  • I really loved this story and your photo’s kermit! I can totaly understand why you loved going to mumbai. And you looked amazing too! I’ve heard that milk is much better than water when you eat spicy indian food. The water makes it worse! I know that from my own experience. Haven’t tried milk yet though! Maybe you should try it one time. When and where is your next trip?

    • Yeah, I also drunk some milk and that helped a lot.
      My next trip is scheduled for October. Markus and I will go to San Francisco again and we will also do a trip to Hawaii. I am really looking forward to it. Maybe you have seen the post about all the trips which we have already done, but not yet posted on the site. Take a look to see what to expect in the coming months… :-)

  • Kermit, don’t drink too much or you will become alcoholic. :-P

  • hey Markus nice work man and good story:) …but kermit u forget my name…:(

    take care:)

  • You look very smart in your wedding outfit Kermit. I’m glad to hear the hang over was not too bad.

  • Bardzo ?wietne historie Kermit! Uwielbiam je i czekam na nast?pne, pozdrawiam z Polski.

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