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Kermit in Rome

Location: Rome, Italy
Posted by on Jan 13, 2009    5 Comments    Kermit in Europe
Last summer, Conny, Markus, and I spent two wonderful days in Rome. It was our first visit in this beautiful city, so we were very curious to see all the historic sites.

The most famous place of interest in Rome is the Colloseum and this was also the first stop.

The Colloseum is really huge and so incredibly old.

Here I am in front of the Colloseum, I was very happy to see that it was possible to go inside.

“Wow, that’s amazing!!”

“Look, how big it is!”

Someone said, that frogs are not allowed to enter the Colloseum. Silly guy! Of course that is not true.

I wanted to take a look behind this fence to see if I can discover one of these ancient gladiators, but there was nothing interesting.

Here I am posing for some other tourists. Hehe, that was a lot of fun!

After visiting the Collosum, I took a look into the guidebook.

Rome has so many interesting places to see, it’s hard to decide what to see next.

We decided to visit some of the ancient places of the historic city center of Rome.

It was really interesting to see all these historic places.

“Ooooh, that’s a statue of Cesar!”

“Veni, vidi, vici!” – I felt like Caesar, the famous Roman political leader.

And the weather was great too. Look at the blue sky!

We had some time left before the sightseeing bus tour started, so I took a nap.

We drove with a huge bus and from the upper level we had a great view.

We saw a lot of nice places and streets.

The sightseeing tour was awesome and we had a lot of fun.

Out of the sudden, we stopped.

There was an accident in front of us which caused a traffic jam. We were not able to continue the tour.

Conny and I checked where we were – unfortunately we were too far away from a subway station, so we decided to stay on the bus.

While we were stucked in the traffic jam, I enjoyed the great weather.

The sun was burning and it was really hot. Too hot…

I needed to cover my head with a tissue to avoid getting sunburned.

As you can imagine, I was very happy when
the tour continued.

After the bus tour, we were hungry. I was up for peanuuuuts!

In front of the restaurant, I discovered a cow. Too bad that the cow was not real. Yeeehaaaa!!!

On the way back to our hotel, I called Ms. Piggy and told her what we have seen on our first day in Rome.

In the hotel, we watched some TV. We were very tired, because it was a long day.

On the next morning I tried to read an Italyn newspaper, but my Italyn was not good enough to understand anything – the pictures were nice though…

In the breakfast room I saw these gorgeous flowers. Aaaahh, they smelled really good!

Before we started with the sigtseeing tour, Conny and I checked out the latest comments on my website.

We saw a lot of nice places, like this one.

Here we are in front of the famous Spanish Steps at the Piazza di Spagna.

And here I am sitting in front of one of these very nice Italyn restaurants. Rome has a lot of them!

This is the Trevi Fountain, which is the most famous fountain in Rome. It is quite impressive but unfortunately there were so many tourists that it was impossible to take a picture which shows the entire fountain.

I really liked the colorful houses. The red-orange color behind me is typical for houses in southern Italy.

Here I am sitting at one of the numerous places in Rome. There is always a lot to see.

This place was huge…

…and there were so many restaurants. We were hungry, so we decided to have lunch.

After the lunch we continued with our sightseeing tour at the Forum Romanum. This is the central area of the ancient City of Rome.

Compared to me, most of the buildings were gigantic.

I was wondering whether a lot of frogs lived in ancient Rome…

As on the day before, the temperatures were quite high and I was happy when I saw this refreshing fountain.

We were really impressed by the central place, on which the oldest and most important structures of the city were built.

Here I am in front of one of the numerous historic buildings. Does anyone know which building it is?

The building behind me seemed to be an important one, but I forgot which one it was. We saw too many buildings on that day to remember them all…

After a couple of hours of sightseeing, we needed a short break.

Then we continued with the last point of interest for the day:
Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.

Here I am right in the center of Vatican City, at the Saint Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro)

It is a very religious place. I asked the pope to get out, but he did not answer.

On our way back to the hotel, we had a short break at the bank of the Tiber river. What a nice place!

We passed the Colloseaum once again and Markus took this nice picture.

Once we arrived at the hotel, I could not wait to write a letter to Ms. Piggy to tell her about the great time we had in Rome.
On the next morning we flew back home. It was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed every moment of it. Rome is a great city and definitely worth a trip! Arrivederci!

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5 Comments + Add Comment

  • I love your stories. As I am a big Kermit fan and only recently discovered these short stories I will continue reading and look forward to more of Kermits adventures. The photos taken in Italy are breathtaking!! I visited Italy in 1984 so your photos bought back a lot of memories.

    Continue posting as I am sure you have made many Kermit fans out there very happy.


    Joseph (from Australia).

  • Hi Joseph, thank you very much for this kind comment. We are happy to hear that you like our stories. We have many more photos which we have not yet posted online and we have also planned the next trips, so there will be much more stories in the future. We are even planning to come to Australia next year.
    We will do our best to continue to make Kermit fans out there happy.

    Best regards,
    Kermit, Conny and Markus

  • Oh Kermit, I was so glad to see the other photos that were not in your Webshot album. What a good tour that must have been! I bet Miss Piggy was pretty jealous that she didn’t have a chance to go too. I kept wondering what you bought. I saw you with your shopping bag, so did you bring Miss Piggy back something from Rome? On to your next venture! Katherine

  • This is hilarious!. Glad Kermit still gets out these days. There are more sightseeing ideas here for his next visit…

    Free Rome City Guide

  • Dear Kermit, the palace whose name you didn’t remember is Palazzo Senatorio, in piazza del Campidoglio. You’re right, it’s important: it’s the official headquarters of Rome’s
    Go on tripping, you smart guy! Hugs and greetings to you + Conny & Markus from an
    Italian fan.

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